The implementation of the FADN in the Czech Republic was launched in 1995 and the Liaison Agency FADN CZ was established by the decision of the Minister of Agriculture in 2003. Liaison Agency FADN CZ is guided by a National FADN Committee and coordinates the collection and utilisation of the farm data. Currently, the annual FADN CZ sample covers approximately 1.450 holdings.


The concept of FADN CZ follows the methodology of EU but at the same time it takes into account specific local conditions and differences in accountancy legislation and bookkeeping procedures as well as different requirements of agrarian policy issues. That is the reason why the results of FADN survey are presented in different modifications following a traditional way of presentation of accountancy results.


Basic break down of presented results corresponds to two different types of farms operating in Czech agriculture.


Legal entities - big farms with average size about 1000 hectares and more than 50 employees, were created by transformation of the state farms and cooperatives. This group of farms obligatory has to run double entry accounting


Individual farms – they are a new type of farms similar to family farms and they have to run simple type of accounting system.


That is the reason why the content of FADN CZ survey is different for these two types of farms and results of survey presented in traditional form corresponding with the type of accounting system is different as well.


The Czech Liaison Agency provides FADN data to public either in the form of publication or through electronic media.


The results of FADN survey are presented yearly as a separate part of the Report on the State of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. The objective of this report is to provide to farmers, advisory service, agrarian policy people and other stakeholders data concerning the results of Czech farms from different views of aggregation and comparison; according to the legal form, size of farms, profitability, regional breakdown, type of farming etc.


Furthermore, Liaison Agency takes part in the national and international projects in the field of economics of the agricultural sector, information systems and agricultural statistics.


The statistical methods are used to test the representativity of the FADN CZ sample and to analyse data validity.






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