Liaison Agency FADN CZ participates in international multiyear project of OECD Farm Level Analysis Network:

Drivers of Farm Performance (2017-2018)

A joint project of the OECD Working Group Farm-Level Analysis, analyzing factors affecting farm performance, was run in 2017 and 2018. The project aimed to compare business performance across countries, including identifying the most important determinants, i.e. calculating total factor productivity (TFP) according to a harmonized methodology. Case studies done for Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Chile, Denmark, Korea, Norway.
In the initial phase, a descriptive analysis of the characteristics of the farms was carried out on the basis of which the compared clusters of farms at the level of individual countries involved in the project were identified. Subsequently, various performance indicators were assessed, selected and applied. The total factor productivity of agricultural holdings was determined on the basis of previous OECD work in this field using the non-parametric index method. Based on these results, the link between the characteristics of farms and their performance was analyzed. The findings on the factors and characteristics of high and low efficiency groups of enterprises have been interpreted with regard to their applicability in the context of the setting of agricultural policy rules and the sustainability of productivity gains.


Class characteristics and structural dynamics, analysis base on Case Studies using an Empirical Approach (2019-2020)

The empirical project is part of OECD efforts to understand the impact of policies and other factors on productivity and environmental sustainability at the farm level. Besides the twelve country cases considered till now, the Czech Republic as one of them, additional country cases may be envisaged in future work. Further work could also extend the empirical analyses to cover potential switches of farms between different technology classes over time as well as evaluating specific policy responses with respect to individual technology classes.




FADN team participates actively in the international workshop Pacioli:

The international workshop Pacioli is focused on the collecting, processing and analyzing of individual data, especially data from the FADN survey. The workshop is regularly attended by about 40-60 participants from many countries around the world (EU, USA, Canada). Participants of the workshop address both current issues related to data collection and prospects for the future organization of the survey. During the workshop, the results of studies and analyzes based on the FADN database of individual countries as well as the EUFADN database (administrator DG.AGRI) are presented.


In 2018, the first results of Multi-dimensional evaluation of Czech FADN farms for accounting year 2016 were presented.


In 2017, methodology of an internal project “Multi-criteria evaluation of farm management” discussing the determination of the weights of individual criteria and whole groups (dimensions) was presented. Furthermore, the outcome of the internal research project Impact of Aids on the Economy of Organic Farming Enterprises - Analysis of Technical Efficiency was presented.


In 2016, the methodological procedure developed within the internal project “Multi-criteria evaluation of farm management” was presented.


In 2015, the outcome of the internal research project “Estimation of the economic results of farms based on the FADN data” was presented and other options for the development of the issue were discussed.


In 2014, the developed methodology of forecasting economic results was presented in presentations entitled “Microsimulation Model Estimating Czech Farm Income from Farm Accountancy Data Network Database”.








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